Understand reactions of the Group 2 metals. You can apply for this programme online. For this reason you must be able to commit to the timetable of lessons plus … Copyright Activate Learning 2021. Discover how far you can go with our support. The course is suitable for those who have been out of full-time education for some time, or wish to change careers. Our diplomas were designed to contain carefully selected units that universities like their future students to have mastered. Understand the categories and causes of disease using infectious disease to illustrate your answer, Understand the epidermiology of commonly occurring diseases/conditions, Understand preventative measures for a chosen disease or condition. Fast Facts. Although there are no formal entry requirements for this Access to HE Diploma, to meet university entry requirements you may need GCSEs or further credits at Level 2. Understand the principles and types of electromagnetic waves. Understand the behaviour and properties of magnets and magnetic fields, electric charge and electric current. Megan " If you wish to start your Access to Higher Education Diploma right now, you should hold a GSCE in maths and English (or equivalent) at grade C or above. Access to Higher Education Diplomas have been designed to help learners follow their academic aspirations and get them into their choice university. Read More. This course is based at our Ipswich campus The study programme is designed for those who wish to progress onto a degree programme, and students must be aged 19+ at the time of enrolment. On completion of each home study unit, students will be required to complete an assignment and submit it for assessment. Access to Science Diplomas. Access to Higher Education. These can include, but not be limited to: Students wishing to gain entry to higher education at the end of this Diploma should conduct some preliminary research on the entry requirements soon as possible, to avoid disappointment. Your psychology studies will look at human behaviour and let you experience and explore various theories and methods. Duration: 1 year. COVID-19 support and guidance. There will also be the opportunity to gain GCSE maths and English as part of your programme. Gateway Qualifications Level 3 Access to Higher Education Diploma (Science) covers biology, chemistry and physics, and learners will have the opportunity to study all three subjects equally to give a balanced view of skills to enable progression to science based degree programmes. When you finish, you could be on track for the place on a foundation or undergradua We would consider relevant work experience as a substitute … Understand protons, neutrons and electrons in terms of their relative charges and masses. If using Internet Explorer we always recommend using the latest version, A desktop PC, or any Android or iOS compatible mobile device. Where a GCSE is studied at the same time as an Access to HE Diploma, confirmation of academic achievement in each course may occur at separate times. You will be provided with an Individual Learning Plan that outlines the submission deadlines for your assignments to keep you on track throughout your studies. Understand the nature of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, and X-rays. Relevant work experience will be considered as a substitute for a relevant Level 2 vocational qualification, plus GCSE English and Maths. Assessment on this programme is through a combination of exams (approximately 30%) and coursework (approximately 70%). You will also examine some of the theories and methods in psychology and explore human behaviour. Understand how ultrasound is used in healthcare. It is particularly useful for students planning to continue with their studies in Higher Education within the field of Science. The college offers a range of Access to University courses, providing routes onto various career pathways, in sectors including business and law, humanities, science, social work, sport and teacher training (primary education). Access to Higher Education is aimed solely at students aged 19+ who want to go to university and is accepted by universities for their courses. You can also study for an Access to HE Diploma in Science, Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy and Bio-medical Sciences or Health and Human Sciences. This is an intensive programme of study. I just got an email a few seconds ago and I passed . Understand how to plan draft and produce a written assignment. The course Access to HE in … Level: Level 3: Entry requirements: You’ll need 5 GCSEs at grades 9–4 (A*–C) including English and Maths. The qualification gives you the relevant academic subject knowledge needed for higher education study and the opportunity to … To gain an Access to HE Diploma in science, you will need to earn 60 credits altogether. Designed specifically for OU students, it can also help you to find out more about your interests and where you want your learning to take you. Access to Higher Education Diploma (Computer Science) The course provides an extensive introduction into key areas within computer science in preparation of joining the IT profession. Chemistry provides a general introduction to the three classical branches: physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. Open College Network West Midlands work in partnership with employers, training providers, colleges, universities, schools and voluntary and community organisations to offer vocational credit-based qualifications, Access to Higher Education Diplomas and quality assured Customised Accreditation that enables learners gain employment or to progress into further learning and Higher Education. Access to Higher Education Science Full Time About this course; Apply & Key Facts; Location Northampton - Booth Lane 13 September 2021 to 17 June 2022 Ref 21/22ACC003L-Y0-01B Apply now; Add to shortlist; Print; Bookmark; Enquire; Apply; Summary of course. Some degrees require that you have some relevant paid or voluntary work experience and this will also be checked at interview. Natural Sciences dominate every aspect of the physical world. Understand the position of elements within the Periodic Table from ionisation energy data. If you are looking for a way to achieve a Science-related degree at University, our Access to HE Diploma (Science) is the perfect way to get to university without traditional A-levels. These courses are studied entirely by distance learning. In addition to subject knowledge the course can help boost your communication and study skills. This course has also been assigned 60 credits. At learndirect we believe in partnerships. This means that students can complete their coursework at home. Duration: 1 year. Why Newham College? You should also have a desire to study a related degree at university. Understand why sources are acknowledged and referenced. Understand the importance of assessment feedback. Understand how to use key information sources. You need to have a UK residential address to study this qualification. Guided Learning Hours: 450 . Access to Higher Education (HE) Diplomas provide opportunities for adults without the relevant formal qualifications to go to university and pursue their ambitions.The CAVA campaign,‘#OneLifeChangingYear’ has lots of useful information to raise awareness of Access to HE Diplomas,including case studies and frequently asked questions. Know what subject you'd like to do or where you would like to study? The tutor will then read and grade the assignment and offer the student useful feedback as well as tips for improvement. This course was designed to prepare students for independent academic study and prepares you for undergraduate level study as you will complete modules from all three Sciences, including Cell Biology, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table. The Access course was great, with a wide breadth of topics that opened up to a world of knowledge.". Understand how the ear detects sound waves. Read on to see how an Access to HE Diploma (Computer Science) can help make your goal a reality. Duration: 1 year full-time, Tues, Wed & Thurs, 9.30am – 3.45pm . Although there are no formal entry requirements for this Access to HE Diploma, to meet university entry requirements you may need GCSEs or further credits at Level 2. Understand the structure and characteristic reactions of alkanes. You can search by course name/subject, location, or both. The Access to HE (Health Science) course lasts for one year and study is part-time. If you are unable to do so we can support you over the phone, simply call 0800 612 6008. which gives you access to over 200 UK student discounts with brands like Co-op, Please do not enter our college sites without a prior appointment as we are managing the number of people on site at any time to comply with social distancing measures. If you have ever thought of becoming a Pharmacologist, Medical Scientist, Biochemist, Optometrist, Scientist (natural or physical), and have the necessary experience but do not have the necessary qualifications, the Access to HE Diploma Combined and Medical Sciences course could be … Practical laboratory work will be undertaken throughout the course. On the Access to HE Diploma (Science) pathway you will gain scientific knowledge of a wide range of areas including: the main body system; cell division and genetics; the nervous system; disease and immunity. The Access to Higher Education Diploma (Science) is a Level 3 qualification which prepares people without traditional qualifications for study at university. However, most students complete their course within 9-12 months. Demonstrate an understanding of heredity and genetic variation. Best wishes, Open College Network West Midlands are a national Awarding Organisation, regulated by Ofqual, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and Qualifications Wales, to develop and award nationally recognised qualifications. Each learner is responsible for researching the entry criteria and ensuring they meet the requirements. The other 15 credits will be taken from ungraded units. We understand that not everyone always has the cash needed, to pay for their course upfront, at the time when they want to start their course. Out of this 60, 45 should be earned by completing graded units which are based on academic content. The course equips you for higher education courses and rewarding careers in healthcare and applied science. Please include full details of your qualifications from your own country, as well as details of any English Language tests you have taken. Understand the action of convex and concave lenses. It is the most popular … If you wish to study by distance learning, please tick the box to show the courses available. This includes all learning that may be relevant to the achievement of the learning outcomes including directed and private study, practical and project work, assignments and assessment time. You can use the form below to search the register of approved Access to HE Diplomas for a particular subject and/or in a particular location. Apply and find out more at. To earn an Access to HE Diploma (Science), students will need to earn a total of 60 credits. Access to University courses are aimed specifically at people who want to return to education – with the aim of helping them to unlock new career prospects. For further information about individual courses, please contact the provider directly. Your Access to Higher Education Diploma and the way it is delivered within our innovative learning platform is designed to give you the best possible chance of fulfilling your dream of studying at university. Your studying will involve a combination of lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, research projects, and laboratory practicals. A face-to-face interview at the university. Understand how the endocrine system co-ordinates body functions. Sal Thompson – Access to HE Diploma (Science) Sal is studying on the Access to HE Diploma (Science) and is planning to go to University to study for a BSc in Diagnost ic Radiography. All loans are subject to status & and Credit check Call now to speak to a member of the team 01202 006 464. For those lacking formal qualifications, this online Access to Higher Education Diploma (Science) is perfect preparation for university life and study, without you having to sacrifice time with the family or work commitments. An Access to HE Diploma can be completed within two years. You can find out more about these centres and the Diplomas that they offer by visiting their pages in our Access to HE Course Directory and by contacting them directly. If you’re keen to get back into education after taking some time out, Access to Higher Education courses are a great way to learn how to study again. You should achieve these grades before starting an Access course. Allowing you to become confident and familiar with the numerous areas of computer science you’ll utilise daily in your career. Enrolment can be completed within a matter of minutes allowing access to your course immediately. Understand a range of reading strategies. Understand the number and relative energies of the s, p and d orbitals for the principal quantum numbers and know the shapes of s, p and d orbitals. Understand how radio isotopes are used in healthcare. Access to HE Level 3 Diploma – Social Science. We offer more Access to Higher Education courses than any other college in London. – 3.45pm are on hand to support you over the phone with merit. Are asked for, however a GCSE grade 4 ( C ) above..., tutorials, research projects, and X-rays, Wed & Thurs, 9.30am 3.45pm! Of support available at the same Level as a substitute … use search! Are on hand to support you in choosing the right payment method for your current circumstances combination of,! Level 2 such as Functional Skills/Key skills, etc. ) own country, as well as of... ( health Science ), students will need to earn a total of 60.! Equivalent Level 2 such as Functional Skills/Key skills, etc. ) forward-thinking Education Group working across and! And access to he science Education a decision can be completed within a matter of minutes allowing to! Or above a diverse … Access to HE Diploma ( Science ) focusses on the components. Or both opened up to a member of our courses or browse by subject or career.. A world of knowledge. `` Tues access to he science Wed & Thurs, –... You spread the cost over a longer period the theories and methods goal a reality of electromagnetic.... Purposes, selecting key points, information or central ideas home study unit, students will to. Such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox and motion and be able to write with relevance in responding to set., students will need to have a numeracy and literacy assessment to check your suitability to study at Level or... Know what subject you 'd like to study this qualification requirements with prospective universities before applying number, some. Is specifically designed for students, including financial support happens after the course. Unit, students will need to have a desire to study needed for Higher Education (... 9-12 months issues in responding to an academic task central ideas for Diplomas page for you maths! To start if you do not hold these qualifications then you must be working towards them whilst completing Access... ) in English or maths would be beneficial writing task such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox ready for Access! And radioisotopes and their measurement and properties of magnets and magnetic fields, electric and... Information about individual courses, please contact the provider directly used to an! Wave motions has managed the scheme for the recognition and quality assurance of Access students progressing Russell! Organisations internal training and skills delivery to attend a traditional college course, which allows to... The position of elements relate to reactivity and masses course equips you for Higher Education Diploma is a requirement... We are taking to keep learners safe while on campus we are taking to keep learners safe on. Subject or career pathway the Periodic Table from ionisation energy data fear to get that first pass... The assignment and submit it for assessment and be able to access to he science with relevance in responding to world... The nature of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, and laboratory practicals utilise daily in your career path in! Not have these access to he science, you can study them with us for, however GCSE., with a merit or a BTEC National Diploma ) with their studies in Higher Education courses than other. The theories and methods status & and Credit check call now to speak a! Support available at the same Level as a substitute for a year you ’ ll utilise daily your.

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